Lettuce, tomato, and cucumber sandwich to take off some guilt from the 3kg weight gain ­čśÉ┬á

I’ll give it three days. The guilt usually lasts that long. If I keep up this attempt at healthier eating until next week, it would such an achievement.

Weekends pose a greater challenge. I’ve been too fond of online deliveries during weekends in the past months –┬ámostly from fast food chains. (No softdrinks though.)

I need to constantly remind myself why I want to lose the weight. Must keep this heart in good condition. The cardiologist has praised my diligence in keeping a healthy diet during the first year of recovery from the operation. All my lab tests indicated that I did well. I need to keep having a healthy diet as the top priority no matter how costly it can be. And yeah, to maintain the weight (75kg) if not lose more so I could reach at least 69kg at the end of the year.

I only have five months left to develop a healthier routine – more exercise, healthier food (no fastfood!) – and maintain it throughout the coming semester.



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