goals for August

It’s another beginning. Another attempt. Hopefully, everything I set today would be part of the semester’s routine. I’ve also written several versions of this in my journal although not as many as the number of time I thought of this. As if thinking about it frequent enough would make it a reality. That’s a case for the unending hope that streams from within us. Bordering on delusion and yes, stupidity but I still consider having some hope as a good thing.

Classes start on Wednesday. I still cannot believe I’ve lazed away a whole month. I do feel rested. Perhaps too much. It’s harder to get up in the morning. It took six alarm  and three timer settings for me to get out of bed. I hope I do better tomorrow.

This blog is supposed to be about setting goals for August. So here’s the dream:

  1. cover 50km jog,
  2. cover 50km on bike,
  3. post 31 blog entries,
  4. avoid fast food (softdrinks, fries, etc), and
  5. attend mass on Sundays.

I really hope I know what I’m getting myself into. This is why I really need to have hope.






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