Today marks Rm.210B’s shift to using newly ground coffee beans for our daily dose of caffeine. That means I have to spend the first 5-7minutes manually turning the crank of this handheld grinder every morning before I get to enjoy my morning coffee.

If you know me, you’ll also be familiar with how lazy I am and how impatient I can be or how unwilling I can be to spend more effort and time for something I can enjoy as much without the added fuss and cost.

That said, imagine my surprise when I realized that I was actually willing to exert more effort and time for my coffee. Today’s test coffee, the first batch using that fancy burr grinder, tasted way better thatn our usual office coffee.

I used to be content with instant coffee and then I realized that my office mate was from Batangas so I asked she could bring a kilo of ground barako coffee every time she comes back from Batangas. I used to prepare coffee with the coffeemaker and later realized that I’m too lazy to maintain the filter and wash the pot. The coffee filter was a major inconvenience since it’s nor really sold in the local groceries. By local, I meant the groceries based in Lopez Avenue. I’m just too lazy to commute to Calamba or even to Bay area just for the coffee filter. Plus, I needed to replace the coffeemaker every year because the pots have this tendency to crack with the shifts in temperature. The pots are exposed to the cold air-conditioning for quite sometime and it cracks when the hot water starts to fenter the glass pot. I can buy just the pot. I have to buy an entire new set of pot and machine. So I decided to shift to using coffee press.

The one-liter coffee press is easier to maintain and the coffee produced is just enough for the two people housed in Rm. 210B. I started with a glass coffee press and then decided to bring that back to the apartment and get a stainless one for the office. Now I don’t have to worry about glass cracking under shifting temperatures in the room.

Late last month, I learned that there are two types of coffee grinder -the blade and burr grinder. It was suggested that I get a burr grinder. I realized I would need that grinder to use that pack of coffee beans was given to us. I found a stainless manual burr grinder for a good price at Lazada, my go-to place for everything. Two weeks ago, I purchased that particular burr grinder because it looked good with the stainless coffee press.

The package arrived earlier today 😀 After tasting this first batch of coffee, we learned that our office coffee could taste way better by shifting to newly-ground coffee beans. And we have shifted to getting whole barako coffee beans. And so the 5-7 minutes of manual grinding is all worth it.




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