You should blog about it.

That was a suggestion I got from the office discussion. We were talking about my online shopping obsession. At this point, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my tendencies for online purchases is here to stay. I just need to channel it to benefit my family more.

All the while, I kept telling myself that I really have nothing more to write about. A friend has long suggested that I should write about my purchases. I just could not bring myself to do that because in a way I am embarrassed by the number of online purchases I’ve made. I checked my transaction history in my top two go-to sites for these purchases – Zalora and Lazada – and all I could think about was Holy sh*t! How was I able to pay for all these purchases?! 

To be fair, I do all the purchases for both my needs and (a lot of) wants online. But really, most of the online purchases are classified under the wants. My office roommate has passed the amused stage with all the packages delivered at the office. I think she’s officially in the worried-for-the-online-shopping-addict-roommate  stage these days. I can’t blame her. Even I get that brief feeling of discomfort (guilt? embarrassment?) every time we get a visit from the courier – which, at least twice a week 😀

See, this overindulgence in online purchases reflects a lack of self-control in terms of managing one’s finances. That’s how we were brought up. We get things we wanted as rewards/treats whenever we do something noteworthy. Well most of the time, we didn’t really get anything even if we did accomplish something.

I tried to make sense out of this penchant for purchasing things online. Why to do I purchase things online?

  1. It’s so convenient. I’m lazy. I’d take the option requiring the least effort. Everything I purchase online is delivered right to my door.
  2. I don’t have to talk with anyone while doing the purchase. I don’t have to deal with hovering, overeager sales persons. It takes a lot to talk with people and even more to remain polite in declining suggestions so if I could avoid that interaction, I would.
  3. I hate the commute. This supports the I’m lazy statement earlier. I do not like exerting effort to ride buses and jeeps to malls solely just to shop. I’d rather use that time for sleep or to catch up on reading. If I do happen to go to the mall because of get togethers with friends and family, I would make to look around for some deals.
  4. It’s relatively more cost-effective. If I do make time to go to the mall to shop, I’d have to spend for transportation and food. If I do the purchases online, I can use the food and transportation funds for more items.
  5. Coupons, coupons, coupons! (This includes the markdowns.) Who doesn’t like discounts?!
  6. Building the wishlist is one of the most relaxing activities – ever. Think window shopping only in the comfort of your home, without the effort to look decent, and being free from other people’s presence or questions.

After a recent visit back in our hometown, I realized I could channel this urge to purchase things online to help make the oldies live more comfortably. I have built a wishlist that would definitely take me years to complete.

I completed the first purchase last Friday and it felt good. I got the high from the purchase but none of the guilt that usually accompanies hitting the “Place order” button. I still have a lot of items in that wishlist and I’m looking forward to completing that list.

And oh, I just need to come clean about this – I still do purchase things aside form that Bicol wishlist entries.





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