making do


This is the dream setup at the apartment while watching Three Meals a Day, a South Korean show at TVN.

Enjoying the Korean barbecue experience -or an attempt at it – is way cheaper at the apartment.

Got the lettuce, marinated thin slices of beef (sirloin), cubed tomatoes (seasoned with pepper, sesame oil, fermented chili paste, and sugar), and kimchi with a few slices of white onions. I still have some leftover soju so that completes the meal đŸ™‚ This has got to be one of the longest dinners I’ve had in the apartment.

Preparing the apartment did require  around thirty minutes of clearing the room of the remaining laundry left to dry and wiping the floor clean. I’d be willing to deal with the preparations again any time as long as I get to have that much fun for dinner.



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