It’s day two of the the long weekend. I’m loving this break. It feels like Christmas vacation already. Continue reading “”

it’s a pasta-all-you-can weekend


This is lunch and dinner for the next four days. I got two containers full of sauce stashed in the fridge to be reheated and half a kilo pack linguine ready for the weekend. Continue reading “it’s a pasta-all-you-can weekend”

an attempt at Coptic stitch


I’ve been watching this YouTube DIY tutorial video on binding using Coptic stitch. I’ve long wanted to learn how to do this kind of stitch for notebooks. I first noticed the coptic stitch in notebook binding when I got this notebook with exposed spine. The good thing about this type of binding was that you can lay the notebook flat no matter how thick or many the pages were. Continue reading “an attempt at Coptic stitch”