Stocked up on groceries for the weekend. Prepared enough sauce to last me for four days. I’ll save more money if I can survive the long weekend without getting food delivered at the apartment.

Went for a grocery run and I made sure to get enough meat, vegetables, pasta, bread, and sauce ingredients to keep myself from dialing the delivery contacts that has been constantly in my Recents phone log. Plus I get to eat healthier meals in the next four days.

I have just renewed by Netflix and iflix subscriptions and stocked up on food so I won’t have the need to get out the apartment during the long weekend. I need no preparations for that taking long, alarm-free sleep.

This long weekend is special. A three-day long weekend is already a cause for celebration. Now a four-day long weekend is entirely in a level of their own. I’m so looking forward to doing nothing in the next four days. Now on to hibernation mode.


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