Embracing boredom

14937798_10210402816242640_1844570469_nThis is one of those peaceful weekends when you wake up feeling rested ¬†and the previous week’s anxieties seem to have been wipe clean. Not even the persistent banging and the electric saw from the nearby construction can ruin that sense of peace you’ve been gifted for the day. Continue reading “Embracing boredom”

all set for 2017


And so the search for next year’s planner comes to an end. Last year’s experience in finding the one planner that I’d use the entire year was quite frustrating and costly. I bought three planners for 2016. I had to buy a third one because it was a struggle continuing to use the first two. Fortunately, I’ve been spared from all that for 2017. Continue reading “all set for 2017”