all set for 2017


And so the search for next year’s planner comes to an end. Last year’s experience in finding the one planner that I’d use the entire year was quite frustrating and costly. I bought three planners for 2016. I had to buy a third one because it was a struggle continuing to use the first two. Fortunately, I’ve been spared from all that for 2017.

Some of the greatest lessons from 2016 planner fiasco include:

  1. I am willing to spend more than my usual budget for that one good planner that I’ll manage to keep using for the entire year.
  2. I cannot endure an entire year exposed to pastel/bright colors and artsy pages.
  3. I don’t like weekly planners. I need at least a page for a day in my life.
  4. I absolutely hate having quotes in the pages of my planner.
  5. I detest having to write over a photograph used as a page background.
  6. I prefer utilitarian planners.

In summary, I now have a clear idea of what I want in a planner and I don’t plan on settling for anything less.




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