Embracing boredom

14937798_10210402816242640_1844570469_nThis is one of those peaceful weekends when you wake up feeling rested  and the previous week’s anxieties seem to have been wipe clean. Not even the persistent banging and the electric saw from the nearby construction can ruin that sense of peace you’ve been gifted for the day.

Weird thing is, I still have the some backlog at work and my finances are still in a bind -yet I’m having a day without the usual worries. I could of course ruin this moment by thinking how this state of peace may be the calm before the storm. I’m deciding not to do that and instead, relish a moment that has become such a rarity.

I’m done with the morning tasks and the first batch of laundry is in the washer. I can enjoy today’s iced coffee as I attempt to update this blog. An attempt. It what the drafts have all been. I haven’t really posted much because I couldn’t commit to finishing a draft. I have this long list of drafts that I seriously need to go back to and complete. I just hope I remember most of the things I have started writing about.

I never really got to finish the drafts because I had to deal with something else. I used to think it was the tasks that kept me from writing more. But really, I just wasn’t bored long enough to reflect and to write. I have been too engaged in Netflix and iflix that I never really got enough time to not do anything – and be bored.

There was this article I came upon on my Facebook newsfeed about how parent should allow children to become bored because it allows the children to come up with various ways to entertain themselves -without the use of phones, tablets, computers, tv, and the like.

Come to think of it, I developed the habit of doodling and writing because I needed to pass time in the aunt’s classroom. I had access to unclaimed old notebooks and pens in the room’s lost and found. During more fortunate circumstances when the aunt was more desperate to keep me quiet for a prolonged period of time, I get to have my own notepad/notebook and pencil/ballpen. I kept to myself in the teacher’s table at the back of the class doodling/writing away as hours pass by. And I kept doodling/writing because it was the best way to pass time. Of course, there were no smartphones then although I doubt I’d be allowed to access one even if smartphones were a thing back then. Going out of the classroom to explore the school grounds was definitely out of the question.

So going back to all these unfinished drafts, it really wasn’t work that kept me from completing them. I just relied too much on a more passive way of passing time. Now, on to finding more ways to keep oneself bored -and to engaging in more productive ways of dealing with it.






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