off to Benguet


We’re off to an eight-hour road trip up north to Benguet. It’s the first department trip I’ve had with the all-female department mates 😀

Left Los Baños at past 7am and the van is packed full for our trip to attend a national conference in La Trinidad, Benguet. We were blessed with great weather. That’s really rare during this part of the year.

While we may have brought work with us – and technically, this is a work-related trip – it’s a great chance for female bonding in a more informal setting. The conference venue is at La Trinidad, Benguet but we opted to stay in Baguio City since most of the inns in Benguet were already full.

We arrived in Baguio at around 6pm – and I’m loving the temperature here 😀 It is cold. I remember feeling a bit stupid when I asked if the place we rented had air-conditioning. I found that it’s actually colder outdoors than inside the already comfortably cold apartment rooms we rented. This cool weather is enough to make me love this place 😀

Our group didn’t waste any time to try the local food scene so for dinner, we were off to the Ketchup Food Community to try Happy Tummy. This was a less than ten minutes away from Brentwood Apartments in Baguio City where we were staying.

There’s around five restaurants in the compound offering a wide range of food options. In a way it can bit overwhelming. We found that you can order from any of the restaurants and request to have it served wherever your group may be settling in.

If you ever find yourself at Happy Tummy, do yourself a favor and order the papaya and strawberry salad 😀

After dinner, we wanted to try Vizco’s for dessert and was initially set to go visit the Session Road branch but learned from the taxi drivers that there was heavy traffic in the area because of the lantern parade so we then opted to go visit the Camp John Hay branch.

This was what we were after – Vizco’s famed strawberry shortcake, however there were only three slices left  of this cake in the branch 😐 There was around seven of us. We opted to go cake tasking ordering other cakes. I’d recommend getting their mango torte . It took less than 10 minutes for our group to clear our plates. Yeah, a long trip can make you really hungry – even after devouring a heavy dinner 😀

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