pizza mania


A real test of real good food is whether it give you that lasting warm, comforting feeling in your belly. Auntie Pearl’s have always passed that test 😀

Celebrated by last work day for 2016 by happily ordering two pizzas in the biggest size they got – Gilroy and The Godfather  – from Auntie Pearl’s. It was around 6pm when I found myself happily carrying two large pizza boxes along Grove, leaving a trail of garlicky cheese and peppery scent in the cool December evening. The warmth from the bottom of the pizza boxes was comforting. I’m celebrating Christmas early, I guess 😀

These two pizzas would last me the rest of the week. I plan to hole up in the apartment as long as I can to make up for those weekends I lost preparting for the conference papers and checking student requirements. I am looking forward to alarm-free mornings and getting out of bed in the afternoon. I’m declaring this evening as the beginning of my sem break hibernation.


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