much needed comfort food


Nothing like a spicy hot beef broth to enjoy in this weather.

Spent most of last night monitoring Typhoon Nina’s progress and updating the community Facebook page that I help manage. I managed to get some sleep after the 5am weather bureau update.

Woke up at noon to gloomy but already calm skies. Our compound was affected by the blackout for around 30 minutes. I later learned that it rained heavily early that day – accompanied by strong winds.

Went to the office to check on possible leaks and water damage. Thankfully, there was none. I was really worried about possible office equipment damage. I arrived at the workplace just in time to save our building administrator from the trip back to his residence to get his keys. I guess he forgot the keys while rushing to check  on the building.

The office being damage-free, I went back home to prepare some hot broth. I still had some leftover ground beef in the freezer. I just needed a bit of that to make a spicy hot broth well suited for the cold weather.

Used chopped garlic, sliced onions, ground beef, and seasoned it with fermented chili paste, soybean paste, salt, pepper, chili flakes, and sesame oil. Added some dried kelp that’s been soaked in hot water, egg, and buckwheat noodles.

It was past 2pm when I managed to sit down for brunch. With the gloomy weather and cool air, it felt like it was still around 6am. I got to enjoy the meal more after getting confirmation that the sisters and the aunts are okay. It brought such relief when I received a message from the sisters. I couldn’t contact any of the sisters, nieces, brother-in-laws, and aunts.


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