8km // 10’38”

15878876_10211062092644138_169469837_n-1Spending the first Monday of 2017 in an attempt to burn some the long break’s indulgence.

Thanks to rainy weather, there was only a handful of joggers in the field. I have prepared for this weather with a couple of waterproof windbreakers 🙂

The road and sidewalk can be quite tricky in this weather. Navigating through the cement cracks and mossy slippery areas would require all one’s focus.

At least there was no thunder and lightning to worry about 😀

While I needed to be extra careful with my steps  (I definitely did not want to start the year with a sprain), I tend to enjoy this weather for evening runs. The air seems cleaner, cooler, and I get to enjoy that foresty (?) scent – the smell of moist earth, wood, with subtle traces of decaying leaves. After being cooped in the apartment during the half-month break, it felt like a good opportunity to clear the lungs – and burn the Christmas and New Year feasts 😀

It’s the last day of the break. Made the most of it by getting out of bed in the afternoon, streaming movies, and mindlessly browsing cable programs.

The only work I did during this break was to prepare a list of the things I need to attend to when I return to work on January 3. But aside from that, I did no work these past two weeks 😀 It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

Every time I thought about work, I slept it off. Nothing like a comfortable nap or good sleep to tempt one off considering doing work during the holidays 😀


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