6.59km // 10’30”


Making the most of this rare willingness to spend time for exercise.

Still dealing with the rain. I guess I need to start getting used to this weather during the evening jogs.

Returned to work today. I didn’t accomplish much. It feels like the brain is still rebooting from a long time left  nonoperational 😐

Settled with dealing with the minor tasks like distributing gifts, following up on documents, and attempting to sort my office clutter.

It’s taking a longer time to build on that momentum for work. There’s a growing list of tasks I need to deal with before the new semester starts. I’m forcing myself to start with the most pressing backlog – that would be last year’s July issue of the community newspaper 😐

Part of forcing myself to work on that is to get through that phase of procrastination where I actively seek other easier tasks. That brings me to why I am finally updating this blog 😀 It may not seem like it but this is all really part of actually doing the job. It’s just I phase I need to get through so I could muster enough guilt that would keep me motivated to work on the newspaper issues.


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