Patience was never really my strongest suit –which is why all this waiting for that scholarship rejection letter has got my insides all twisted since I learned that the letters have been to the applicants’ emails yesterday afternoon.

I used to think that rejection could be one of the worst things that one could experience. Waiting for that rejection is worse 😐

It’s  during steady rains at noontime that one gets to appreciate a semester-old glass of instant oats. I now regret bringing last week’s apple home. It could have been part of this lunch. The apple remains at the bottom of the fridge back at the apartment. Good thing I brought milk for the day’s coffee and we have honey at the office and some nutmeg powder. That should work. The oatmeal tastes a little weird – not expired weird, just unsual-not-bad weird. If I can maintain this kind of lunch, I’d be able to save a lot from my food allowance. Something worth keeping in mind.

Today’s one of those down days. The progress with the work backlog has been real slow. We’re now on the second week back to work and at this point I had hoped that I would have recovered from the long break. I still haven’t slipped back to that. The weather – as much as I love the cold – isn’t helping much in making me productive.

I haven’t been totally useless these past two weeks. I have completed minor tasks. Perhaps I’m just expecting too much from the first two weeks back at work.


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