red it is


Facilitated a two-day training in Lipa City. After a little more than an hour of jeepney commute from Batangas to Calamba, I finally found that moment of stillness and let the thought sink in. I’ve completed the training and survived the past three days.

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It turned out that I was in the wrong room 😀 I did find it strange that we’d be having the training in such a big venue given that we had roughly 20 participants.

It was before 7am and I found myself in this hall working on my presentations for the 8am training. I’m starting to feel the effects of only barely two hours of sleep. I can only hope that the adrenaline rush could get me through all four lecture sessions today.

I was up until 3:30am earlier today working on the presentations fueled by two tall cups of coffee. Napped for a bit and then checked out of the hotel at 6am. I checked in at 8pm. This is my shortest stay ever in any hotel. Still, I believe it was a good choice. At least I was in relative comfort while I was working on my slides for later that day.

So back to that hall. It took me quite a while to realize that the venue seemed too big for the 20 participants that I was expecting. A little before 8am, I was informed that I was in the wrong training venue and I was so relieved to learn that. There was a different training scheduled in this hall. Our training venue was a few meters away in a relatively smaller training room. Met the training organizers and got another cup of coffee -strong barako brew. A couple of sips of this brew before every session would be a good way to ensure that I’d remain energetic during the sessions. I just needed to stop the caffeine intake when I started having the shakes.