red it is


Facilitated a two-day training in Lipa City. After a little more than an hour of jeepney commute from Batangas to Calamba, I finally found that moment of stillness and let the thought sink in. I’ve completed the training and survived the past three days.

I thought getting a new set of sheets would be a great way to celebrate another completed job. And nothing could be more celebratory than red. I’ve been itching to get these sheets since Christmas break but I’ve used my bonus for something else by the time I saw this set. The sales lady even remembered me and was pleased to find that I was actually pushing through with the purchase.

Today was a good opportunity to get them sheets, especially since the agency paid in cash earlier 😀 Also got a book I’ve been eyeing these past six months but could not buy. I spent the remaining hour of commute back to Los Baños feeling giddy about today’s treats. The lack of sleep and the nerves from the past three days didn’t matter anymore.

It was past 10pm when I managed to reach the apartment, the shoulder numb from lugging three days’ worth of clothes. Headed straight to the laying out the new sheets, washing up, and prepping for sleep.



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