2017 first quarter log

I’m welcoming April with more positivity. I’m crossing out some of the goals for 2017.

Finances. I have finally set my financial affairs in order and I’m feeling more secure. It makes me believe I’m acting responsibly as an adult. I thought it would take until the third quarter of the year before I could set things in order but thanks to the university grant, I’d be sleeping better with fewer worries. The greater challenge now would be to maintain this financial stability and more importantly, focus on investing more for the future.

Given my transaction history in various online stores, I’m expecting some serious struggle. I can only hope to exercise more self-control on online purchases –especially after I’ve just been on some retail binge this March.

Eating healthy. Granted that the power blender was part of March’s online purchases, I have integrated fruit and vegetable shakes into my diet, replacing 1-2 meals daily. These shakes allowed me to save money on meal takeout/deliveries. It came as a surprise that I’d be able cut down food costs with the shakes. I was expecting that the shakes would be quite expensive like what I experienced with the juicer. It’s not, and I’m still loving the blender.

Exercise. I’m managing to maintain the weekly 1-hour jog but I believe I need to maintain 3-5 sessions of 1-hour exercise to get my weight to drop. I’m not expecting a significant decrease. It’s something I’d need to work on gradually. Now that I’ve managed to develop a relatively healthier diet, it’s time to increase the physical activity and manage to sustain a more frequent and/or longer exercise sessions.

While it’s nice to take note of these achievements, there’s still a lot left to be done.

Weight. I’m still a long way from my ideal weight. I’m currently obese at 78.4kg 😐 For my case, being overweight at 65kg would be considered progress. I’d be delighted if I could reach that within the year. The normal weight for me would be 50.5-62.3kg. I’m at least 16.1kg away from that goal –and it’s been that way for more than a year now.

My current weight would have been the normal weight if I were pregnant :/ Well that puts things into perspective. My only source of comfort is that I didn’t go back to my 80kg+ weight from February 2015 before the hospitalization. Still, that’s no achievement.

I would need to work harder at maintaining a healthier diet and getting more exercise in working towards that normal weight.

Savings and Investment. It’s now time to really focus on saving up and investing. At 30, I have no more excuse left to not prioritize investing for the future. I need to shift my focus from keeping the maintaining balance for my bank accounts to building a comfortable security fund plus long-term investments.

After the February 2015 hospitalization, I had this prolonged period of retail (and yes, even food) binge. The health scare made me realize how limited time was and how I needed to enjoy the money I earned because who knows, I may not have the chance to enjoy my savings later. I wasn’t too sure if I’ll have that later.

But that period was far from healthy and I may have stayed in that phase longer than I should have.

Regular checkup. I still have that pending blood test and flu shot. Earlier this year, I missed the scheduled visits to the doctor because I didn’t have enough funds. Now that I have the money, my doctor is still out of the country. Hopefully, she’d be back next week. Then again, that’s what her secretary told me last week. I’m actually looking forward to that next doctor’s visit.

In the past three months, I’ve had sore throat twice and each case lasted about a month. That is not ideal. I’m not sure if it’s the heat or if it’s because I need that flu shot. It’s something I need to talk with the doctor. I cannot have sore throat every other month.

So now I’m committed, more than ever, towards working on having a healthier later – finance and health-wise.

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