There’s a lot of things you forget that’s in your fridge.Came home exhausted but had this craving for something home cooked. My finances are still (always are) in a bind thanks to my overspending so I was dreading the idea of going to grocery to buy ingredients for my dinner.

Opened the fridge and realized that I have forgotten everything I’ve stocked in there. I still had macaroni, cheese slices, sausage hidden deep in the freezer, and some old (wrinkled but still edible) garlic and onions.

Macaroni and cheese it is (plus sausage?). It was also the first time I’d use the mother’s copper pan, which worked nicely with the dish. Copper pans heat up fast, which is great since I’m using the electric stove. (The gas stove has its off days. It just won’t work.) Plus the pan also retains the heat for a longer period of time. The best kind of pan for letting cheese melt over macaroni. It was also non-stick so washing the dishes was a breeze.

That said, this has got to be one of the most fulfilling meals I’ve had at the apartment.



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