the rains have arrived

And just like that, summer’s over.

18721458_10212437158019913_1430919810_o.jpgWhile it still feels like summer in the morning, come 1 pm and the dark clouds appear, bringing with it thunderstorms starting with a heavy downpour then easing into a steady drizzle late in the afternoon. The steady rumbling in the skies becomes part of your office ambient sound between occasional flashes of lightning and bursts of thunder.

The office mate and I were discussing how fast summer has passed –and how we weren’t even able to go to the beach 😐

In my case, the only indicator that summer did take place is my significantly high utility bills (electricity and water). That’s what summer means for me. More frequent showers, larger laundry load, and prolong ACU use. It’s been seriously hot these past two months. This is the first summer where I had to go home during lunch time to shower and freshen up just because it was so hot.

And oh! I developed a tan line just from walking to work every day.  I live less than 10 minutes away from the office. The sun time I get would barely add up to one hour daily but I have this white band on my left wrist from my watch.

There were several days when I surrendered wearing knits for an entire day. I changed to more cotton and short-sleeved shirts. I did not have this problem before. I’ve survived several summers wearing knits. This year, I had to dig deep in my closet for cotton shirts – cotton but still in black, dark blue, and grey colors of course 😀

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