I skipped work today.

Well technically, the faculty members are on teacher’s leave so we don’t have to report to the office. We have this one-month period of “rest” effective after the University graduation. I say “rest” because that one-month period is used mostly to deal with the work backlog from the previous academic year. Continue reading “”

on to the next

It’s the day before the College’s testimonial and recognition program and our committee is preparing the venue for tomorrow’s event.

If one’s looking for appreciation, then our committee isn’t the best place for them. I feel fortunate to be part of a group that’s able to work silently and efficiently. If we do get some form of gratitude or appreciation, that would be great – but if we get none, that’s nothing new for us. It’s just on to the next task in the seemingly never-ending list of things to accomplish.

6.07km // 10’18”

Today’s the second day of the college workshop on blended learning in Tagaytay. I wasn’t really expecting that I’d get to complete the usual 6km walk/jog session because I remember having difficulty completing the one-hour exercise inside the grounds of the Development Academy of the Philippines from previous trainings I took part in at the venue. I’ve developed a new found appreciation for their parking lot 😀 I’m just glad that I managed a second run for June. I can only hope that I get to log up to a fourth run before the month ends.