all done :D

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It’s that time of the semester when everyone’s anxiety levels run high, frantically finalizing and encoding grades in the university’s online system.

Today was relatively chill for my case and I cannot help but feel guilty, seeing my colleagues stressing over finishing their class grades.

I do think I had it easy this semester. The manuscripts of the undergraduate research advisees, which I dreaded that I’d be dealing with even after submission of grades, was completed on time. I handled four research advisees this semester while my colleagues handled six up to nine advisees for this semester. There’s that sense of guilt but I’m relieved to have finished the advisees’ manuscripts on time.

Most of the stress faculty members experience comes from the frustration in dealing with delinquent students, constantly reminding/waiting for students to submit their requirements, explaining repercussions of late or lack of outputs in their grades, and rather immature, impolite, and/or unprofessional manner in which students communicate their concerns.

This semester easily joins the top 5 most frustrating semesters in my almost 10 years of teaching. Discussing the reasons how I can to that conclusion would merely be a collection of complaints. Still, it’s heartbreaking to see such low ratings in my excel file –especially for courses that I’m really fond of.

Contrary to what some students believe, faculty members do not take any pleasure in giving low ratings. Our job is to provide ratings based on the student performance, which would be fair to their entire batch and the batches before them.

With the submission of my last set of gradesheets, I’m just relieved to have finally completed the semester. It wasn’t one of my better semesters. I can only strive to do better in the next one.



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