Thunderstorms frequented Los Baños these past few days.

The day would start all summer sunny but come noontime and the dark clouds hover followed by the rumbling of thunder and bursts of lightning. The sound of rolling thunder has become a staple during our June afternoons.

For someone who remains indoors most of the day, I’m loving this weather. I do realize that it’s an inconvenience to other people. Take the ones repainting the PUJ stops around the campus. They were huddled in that small shed across our building as they watched the rains wash some layers of their newly painted sections. A little past noontime and they were gone from the shed. Perhaps they’ve accepted that the rains won’t be stopping anytime soon.

The noontime and early afternoon thunderstorms continue until around 4pm when it transitions into a steady drizzle. By around 6pm, the drizzle has stopped but the skies remain overcast – no stars or moon or even planes can be seen – and I take a walk in the rain soaked asphalt and concrete path back home. The scent of wet grass and soaked leaves in decay hung heavy in the air.

I come home to the apartment with white shoes wet and abundant with brown splotches. I take a mental note to clean all this week’s shoes during the weekend. It’s added work but for this weather, it’s a task I have no problem doing. Just another day in June.


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