I skipped work today.

Well technically, the faculty members are on teacher’s leave so we don’t have to report to the office. We have this one-month period of “rest” effective after the University graduation. I say “rest” because that one-month period is used mostly to deal with the work backlog from the previous academic year.

I opt to do the work in the office with a more stable net connection and more importantly, air-conditioning –one that I don’t have to worry about including in my elecity bill. So yeah, it’s still off to the office during the week. I do come in much later than usual. I get 5-6 hours of work with the peace and quiet of the College halls –well, not considering the noise from the construction. Still, this is “silence” for me. That would refers to the absence of students constantly knocking at the door.

What I treasure most about this break is that I don’t have to deal with as much nonsensical inquiries. That itself is such a great help for reducing stress in the workplace.

I spent the day sleeping. I could sleep all day really. I just got up for the shower because I initially planned to go to work. After changing into work clothes, I decided to stay at home and sleep this weird heaviness in my head off. I woke up a few hours later with a steady pounding in my brain. I know that’s from oversleeping. I was seriously worried about getting bed sores from all this sleeping. Even I find this excessive. I know I’ve had “hibernation” modes before but this time, it’s way up on another level. I feel like I’m wasting time with all these oversleeping. But what can I do? I’m groggy most of the time making it impossible to process and be productive with the day’s tasks. Hopefully, this would build enough guilt in me that would keep me awake long enough to accomplish my tasks. Guilt has always been a major motivation for me 😀

Talking about guilt, I’m consciously trying to go back to more healthy meals hence, the crispy calamari salad. (Also stocked on grilled pizzas that I’ll reheat during the weekend.) I’ve been consuming soda and fast food quite regularly for most of May and June. (This is starting to sound like a confession.) Yeah, I’ve been too lazy to prepare breafast and meals. I used the heavier work load towards the end of the sem as a justification for eating unhealthily. (We all know that’s just an excuse.)

So earlier this week, I dropped by the usual fruit stand to get some bananas, apples, and lemons and started preparing the morning fruit shakes once more. I have been soda/fastfood-free since Monday. I also haven’t managed another jog so far and tomorrow’s already the last day of June 😐

My greatest accomplishment for June would be getting (way more than) enough sleep 😀 At least there’s that.


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