if you can’t afford it, DIY it

IMG_0032Finished this set at around 2am today 😀

Was looking for Apple pencil holsters and iPad Pro 12.9 cases online there’s no way I could fit the item prices in my budget for the next few months so I thought I could try making my own.

It was payday yesterday so I dropped by Paponei’s, the nearby craft shop for some thick black garter for the Apple pencil holster – and then I saw a pack of jute fabric packed per yard and found that the store also had thin canvas cloth.

IMG_0029.JPGThe pencil holster also had two small compartments where I can keep the charging adaptor and the spare nib.

IMG_0031The 14in x 10in bag fits the iPad Pro 12.9 well with room for additional documents or notebooks. It’s not a snug fit, which was what I wanted. Used two layers of jute sack for the outside part of the case to make sure the white of the canvas cloth wouldn’t be visible and two layers of canvas cloth for the lining inside the case.

I was able to use the sewing machine for the initial stitches to sew the jute fabric and canvas cloth together. I needed to hand stitch everything else during the assembly because the cloth had become too thick for the sewing machine. Added magic tape and it was finished.

Started with the project at 8pm last night and worked on it non-stop until 2am this morning.

That’s roughly PhP 300 for the case materials including: 1 yard jute fabric (~PhP 180), 1 yard canvass cloth (~PhP 90), and magic tape (~PhP 30). The black garter for the pencil holster cost ~PhP 15/yard.

And so at 2pm as I was checking the finished case and holster,  I realized that as much as I loved the texture of the jute fabric for the iPad case, it can be a bit itchy. I’m hoping that wouldn’t bother me much. But for a craft project less than PhP 500, I feeling pretty good about this case-holster set 🙂



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