to healthier meals

IMG_0041Still trying to figure out the settings for the countertop oven. So far, the chicken thigh fillet and carrots seemed edible enough. I do need to look out for changes (dreading the increase) in my electricity consumption. Or I could cut the cooking time by preparing more fish-based meals in the future.

After the May-June fast food and soda craze, I seriously need to go back to more healthy meals. So far, 10-15 minutes of prep and cooking time in the morning for meals is manageable. Anything exceeding that time would be too much of a hassle.

I’ve been considering getting a microwave or an electric countertop oven. The eldest sister’s horror stories about their microwave oven’s electricity consumption made me lean towards the usual electric oven – the lower end (slash cheaper) brands at least.

This evening’s meal needed around 10 minutes to cook the chicken thigh fillet (nearly burned the carrots 😐 ) If I used fish, I’m hoping I can cut the cooking time (and cost of cooking) in half.

The ACA 16-liter “digital lightwave” (I honestly don’t know how that’s different from other electric ovens and I’m just too lazy to do the research) oven had good reviews at Lazada (of course!). It could toast, bake, broil, … among other things. The modes in the screen seemed a bit redundant. There’s Bake and a different Cake mode. There’s Frozen Foods and there’s a separate Defrost function. I’ve browsed through the manual and I still haven’t figured out the differences. I have a hunch that it something to do with the temperature setting. Only the timer and mode/function can be customized in this model. There’s no control for temperature.

IMG_0040.JPGI had low expectations for this oven given its capacity/size and the price. So far, it has been a pleasant addition to the kitchen countertop 😀 I’m looking forward to preparing healthier meals. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed about that electricity bill though.)


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