There’s still some muscle pain in the left arm but that’s just a minor discomfort.

Managed to deal with the work  backlog this time, stiff arm and all. It’s a small progress but it’s progress nonetheless. I’ll take that considering that this day was just such a test for patience.

You know how sometimes in your mind, you think about how the world’s out to get you to lose your cool for the day? For some reason, all three advisees with varying concerns just happened to send me an email about their respective urgent concerns and dropped by the office.

This is supposed to be our teacher’s leave. A break. A BREAK. B-R-E-A-K. Hah! What would have happened had I not been in the office?! had I not checked my work email? had I been out of the country? (Okay, that’s stretching it way too far from the reality that is my finances.) Really, the point is why wait until middle of mid year to deal with all the documentary requirements when the faculty members are on teachers’ leave?! Or at least supposed to be on teachers’ leave.

In my ten years of working at the University, the closest thing to a legit break I had was when I was hospitalized. That was some break from work. No laptop access and limited cellphone use.

While I would appreciate a break right now, I’m okay with not being in the hospital. Loved the pain killers (the best sleep I’ve had) but really dreaded the hospital bill – and the meals 😐

So yeah, that puts things quite into perspective. It wasn’t such a bad day, I guess. Enjoyed free air-conditioning for the day. That should account for something, right?




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