nothing like cake (and Irish cream) to make everything better

I may have went a little overboard with the groceries earlier. See, I’m really having fun with the oven and I thought I should test its baking capacity so I got flour, baking powder, and some cake mix. I also thought it would be nice to see if the oven can cook one dish meals – be it rice and meat or pasta and meat. So I got a couple more items to test that. And a small pack of pizza crust and… I think you get the trend. 

I was just supposed to get supplies for the weekend. I’ve been having chills since last night (I’m blaming the vaccination last Wednesday) and I was just going to get bread and eggs (the basics for survival) but there I was struggling with a big, heavy box of groceries up the stairs to the apartment.

I did remember to get something for the rats who have kept me awake since last week. I have a feeling that the food place downstairs did some routine cleaning/clearing, causing disruption in the rats’ routine. Now I have to deal with the little ones. I set up the trap – that sticky bath of glue – with instant noodles as bait. (The instant noodles was the only thing in the supply drawer that the little ones took interest in in the past.)

It worked! About two hours later, there was a little one stuck in the glue trap. It seemed to be in such good health. Disposed of it and returned to find another little one in the other trap. Good thing the box comes with four traps. Got two more empty traps.

Nothing like catching two little ones to make one feel productive. Hopefully, I’ll sleep better tonight. I’ll need that recharge to deal with the work that I should have completed today.

Part of being sick and staying at home is having a treat. Today’s treat was this box of cake mix. (In hindsight, I do realize that it feels a bit off to discuss rats and food in the same post but then again, I’m just too lazy to write a separate post for today.)


The cake mix turned out fine. It was edible. Resorted to using olive oil because I forgot to get vegetable oil.

IMG_0045.JPGThe chocolate loaf looked a little sad. Rummaged through the back of the fridge and found some leftover unsweetened chocolate and walnuts. Attempted to make a ganache for glaze by melting chopped chocolate with heated milk. There’s also that old bottle of Bailey’s so I used a bit of that to add some kick to the cake 😀

IMG_0046.JPGAt the end of the day, this is what I get. I guess this day’s one of the better ones 🙂


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