The edible (ermn… less scorched?) side of the pizza.

As you can see, I still havent figured out the temperature settings for the oven 😐Enjoying this meal on a rather peaceful late afternoon. I only got to appreciate the silence in the compound after enduring hours of blaring alarm from the bank nearby. (In a way, I kind of have a better idea of how my neighbors suffered several years ago when I left the apartment earlier that my alarm setting. I’m talking about the vintage stainless and  annoyingly loud alarm clock.)

The bank alarm ran for an hour or more. It’s not the first time this happened though. I used to think that it was a car alarm and in my mind, I was running through my stock of expletives for the car owner. There I was thinking how useless it was to install a car alarm if one would be leaving it to sound the alarm for hours.

It turned out that it was the bank alarm that was causing such noise. The alarm seemed to be broken. If there was a robbery, the bank would have been cleared and no police or security unit arrived to deal with the alarm. So I guess the bank alarm being linked to the local police station isn’t true for all banks.

So me, being the borderline millennial that I am, posted a video of this alarm and the bank facade on Facebook. After a couple of minutes however, I realized that I was acting like the stereotypical millennial ranting/complaining on social media. I removed the post deciding that it wasn’t very mature of me (I’m 30 already, I have lost all possible excuses for such immaturity.)

To be honest, it took a question from a former colleague. She asked if it was possible that the bank is unaware of their faulty alarm system. Then I thought, that’s a more mature way of looking at the situation. The more adult thing to do be to visit the bank branch and politely inquire and report their alarm setting off during the weekend.

It will take a lot of moments like this one to really nail the mature/adult way of thinking. I know I’ll have more outbursts of immaturity. Then again, I’ll also have moments like today to remind me of the adult I hope to become and sense of maturity I hope to develop.







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