[rice cooker meals]. boiled sweet potatoes with butter, cheese, and egg

You can cook sweet potatoes using a rice cooker! 😀

I added some eggs to boil with the sweet potatoes and they were nicely cooked 🙂 Bought 2kg of sweet potatoes at roughly PhP43/kg. After about 15 minutes (when the rice cooker shifts from cook to warm mode), I brought the sweet potatoes out and trimmed the edges  (I realized I should have done that before cooking them ).

Immediately after taking them out of the rice cooker, I split the sweet potato in half; added unsalted butter, a slice of quick-melt cheese, and sliced boiled egg; seasoned it with pepper; and wrapped it in aluminum foil to pack it for the office. The heat from the cooked sweet potatoes will be enough to melt the butter and cheese.

That was today’s lunch –and late afternoon snack. I forgot to take a photo because I was too excited to eat it. I had a hard time finishing a medium-sized sweet potato. It was more filling than I thought.

Will definitely add this one to the options for next semester’s lunch meals 🙂



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