Today’s lunch and dinner. There’s rice somewhere in there. 

My weekends require a meal or two, mostly one major meal because I spend most of the day asleep. That’s the best way to save on food expenses, sleep.

I was really tempted to have some food delivered at the apartment but that usually takes at least 30 minutes plus I need to save up on anything I can after that splurge at the grocery.

It was chicken or beef I was really craving for but then again, I’ve already had chicken yesterday and again, I need to cut on cost so I rummaged through the pantry drawer and the fridge. Found a can of relatively low sodium canned tuna, mushroom, and eggs. I still have brown rice. So that was lunch at 3pm and dinner at 11pm.

These days, it feels like the body is getting all the sleep it can manage (– or is it making up for all the sleep I didn’t get last semester?) You know how people stock up on supplies and groceries in preparation for a prolonged period of scarcity? My body is stocking up on sleep.

Let’s say on a weekend, I sleep at 2am and get out of bed at 3pm. I’d get up briefly on intervals of 2-3 hours to hydrate and go to the bathroom. At 3pm, I’ll deal with the daily chores and have my meal up to around 6pm and I’ll be sleepy again. From 7pm to 11pm I’d be asleep once more.

This time, I’m feeling no guilt (well okay maybe less guilt?) from all this sleep. There’s that voice inside your head that points out how shameless all this sleep can be and how I should be using my time more for exercise and my work backlog. Then again, I need to remind myself that this one-month teacher’s leave is the only period in a year that I get to sleep – really sleep and rest.

During this period, I don’t sleep because I need to so I recharge for the next work day. I sleep because I want to and I could really get that long uninterrupted sleep without any alarm set.


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