9.32km // 11’17”


The rainy reason really isn’t the best time for jogs 😐 During jogs like this one, you focus more on making sure that you don’t slip on mossy areas, step on mud, or trip on the now more uneven pavement.

Still, that’s no excuse not to get some exercise so I still need to jog especially since I haven’t done much exercise in the past weeks. As if the tightening of pants wasn’t enough, I have this breakout that reminds me every time I look at my reflection that I need to get some exercise.

Fortunately, I managed to complete the jog/walk without any injury. One thing I’ve noticed about drivers in the campus though, they aren’t really fond of signalling before they make a turn especially near Baker Hall so you’d need to jog in place for quite a while not only to check their signal lights but to really wait for them to make a turn or go straight towards the SU parking lot. I guess I’ve developed distrust in those signal lights (well, the driver really) after my staring contest with a jeepney driver earlier this year in the same area. I continued my jog since his signal lights did not indicate that he was going to make a left turn. And then he suddenly made a turn and he seemed irritated that a darned jogger (in screaming neon pink sweater) was blocking his way 😐

The good thing is that pain on my the lower right side of my back is gone. Another reason why I should be moving more. I’m amazed at how I haven’t developed any bed sore from all that sleep I have managed these past few weeks. Lesson learnt: move (meaning, exercise) more to avoid soreness in muscles and breakouts 😀


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