restocked :D


I have been making do with leftover coffee beans at home and the office. I never knew I could be this particular about coffee.

Let’s be clear that I have no claims on being an expert of coffee. I am only familiar with my personal preferences. I realized that it’s not the price or place of origin that matters for the coffee I want. I learned that after emptying thee coffee press of three different batches of coffee down thew drain.

See, I’ve become more particular with my coffee preference because I can’t consume as much coffee as I used to before the operation two years ago. I really need to make sure that if I do consume coffee, it’s something that would take some degree of pleasure in.

While I have been consuming coffee regularly, my supply of Kapeng Barako from Auring and Cesar Solis in Batangas City has long been emptied. My supplier (andย officemate) is on vacation and I wouldn’t want to pester her during her break โ€“ especially since she’s been wed recently.

Fortunately, she reported back to work today ๐Ÿ™‚ Imagine my delight this morning when she brought out a pack of coffee beans ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s the same delight I’d experience when served a good piece of steak โ€“or any beef dish really.

I definitely would be having coffee later tonight.


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