IMG_0066.JPGThis is the product of a late night craving for fried rice.

Thankfully, I have frozen leftover brown rice from earlier this week.  This is what’s left of the batch of rice I cooked with curry powder, garlic, and salt and pepper. (I just added these ingredients to the usual water-rice ratio. I would not recommend this method. It was a challenge to remove the smell of curry from the rice cooker.0

Fried the last few strips of bacon (Mama’s Bacon from Karne Frio at ES Plaza) with garlic and spring onions and added the leftover rice. It was salty, really salty at first. Fortunately, there’s one wrinkled lemon left at the bottom of the fridge’s vegetable compartment. The lemon made everything better.

I didn’t finish this bowl. I guess that’s tomorrow’s breakfast (— and perhaps packed lunch?)



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