fiesta pasalubong

IMG_0077.JPGArrived in Los Baños at around 4am struggling with two boxes of suman latik, a traditional steamed sticky rice treat wrapped in banana leaves accompanied by latik or the sweet sauce from coconut milk and sugar. Suman latik is typically prepared during fiesta celebrations.
Went back to my hometown for the fiesta. Took advantage of the national holidays and applied for leave of absence from work to get a week of stay in Bacacay.

Suman latik is best for breakfast or snack and is best enjoyed with some strong coffee. The latik recipe varies from household to household. I have taken a particular liking to this recipe because it’s not too sweet and I can still taste the coconut in the sauce. Other versions of latik sold commercially are too brown from too much sugar and you can barely taste the coconut. 

Now, a third of the fridge has become a storage for the suman latik that I have brought as pasalubong for the third sister, friends, and colleagues.


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