finally got the flu shot

The three-month flu shot search ends today! Such a relief to get this off the healthcare to-do.

Found myself sitting in one of the benches in the waiting area of the Los Baños Doctors Hospital and Medical Center (LBDH). The pediatrician’s secretary confirmed that they had the flu vaccine on stock. I let out a huge sigh of relief. Continue reading “finally got the flu shot”

the garden situation

Earlier this month, this was my garden.

A few days after setting up the window garden, I did realize that I may need to transfer the seedlings into soil bags so allow them more room to grow –and that the window space will not be enough for that.

It was overwhelming I guess. I didn’t realize almost all the seeds would grow. I gave some of the seedlings to my colleagues at the department to reduce the number of seedlings I need to transfer. The window space still won’t be enough.

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time for another zalpen shot

This is my growing sticker collection. It gets a new entry every 28 days.

Today, I opted to pay the ER a visit at noon. Made sure to request for a numbing agent to lessen the pain from the injection. Last month’s shot was more painful than usual. It was cheaper by PhP70 but way more painful than the previous two shots.

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an attempt at vertical gardening

Three-day-old arugula (roquette). I did realize that this may not be the best time to start gardening. This has got to be the hottest (and driest) summer I’ve spent in Los Baños.

I’m using a new category “distractions” as it is more apt a label for the fleeting interests I’ve taken on in the past. I’m just hoping I get to sustain the interest for vegetable gardening until I manage to harvest some arugula or lettuce. Continue reading “an attempt at vertical gardening”