an attempt at vertical gardening

Three-day-old arugula (roquette). I did realize that this may not be the best time to start gardening. This has got to be the hottest (and driest) summer I’ve spent in Los Baños.

I’m using a new category “distractions” as it is more apt a label for the fleeting interests I’ve taken on in the past. I’m just hoping I get to sustain the interest for vegetable gardening until I manage to harvest some arugula or lettuce.

I was somewhat encouraged to try gardening, seeing the colleagues taking care of the succulents at the office. It seemed like a good way to de-stress – tending to the precious tiny pots/mugs adorning our wing’s hallways. It’s a nice break from the papers and manuscripts we need to finish editing.

I opted to plant vegetables and herbs because I’d be more invested in something that would encourage me to eat healthier. (It’s food. Of course I’d be more invested in it. )

A vertical garden may just be worth pursuing given the limited space at the apartment. I’ve been wanting to the large window at the apartment because the glass cover does not do much to keep the summer heat out, particularly at noon and early in the afternoon. A vertical garden may just help me block a portion of that window –and I get to have my small vegetable garden.

The roughly 6ft x 8ft apartment window is protected by a welded wire mesh and a sliding glass door. The wire mesh provided a study support/base for the hanging pots or containers that I got.

The growing kits arrived last week. There’s mint, tomatoes, basil, parsley, coriander, lettuce, and arugula (roquette). The mint seeds arrived first last May 2. The growing kits for coriander, lettuce, tomatoes, and parsley was delivered the next day (May 3). I set up the arugula and basil seeds last May 4 when the rest of the pots and potting mix was delivered.

I may have planted more seeds than I could make space for in the limited space that I have. I’ll need to sort that out later as I need to transplant some of the seedlings tonight. That’s another attempt at avoiding the manuscripts that I need to finish by tomorrow 😀

The sisters seemed more supportive of this recent interest slash expense. My recent Lazada transaction history has been filled with growing kits, containers/pots, and potting mix.




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