nothing like cake (and Irish cream) to make everything better

I may have went a little overboard with the groceries earlier. See, I’m really having fun with the oven and I thought I should test its baking capacity so I got flour, baking powder, and some cake mix. I also thought it would be nice to see if the oven can cook one dish meals โ€“ be it rice and meat or pasta and meat. So I got a couple more items to test that. And a small pack of pizza crust and… I think you get the trend.ย  Continue reading “nothing like cake (and Irish cream) to make everything better”


There’s still some muscle pain in the left arm but that’s just a minor discomfort.

Managed to deal with the work ย backlog this time, stiff arm and all. It’s a small progress but it’s progress nonetheless. I’ll take that considering that this day was justย suchย a test for patience. Continue reading “meh”