the rains have arrived

And just like that, summer’s over.

18721458_10212437158019913_1430919810_o.jpgWhile it still feels like summer in the morning, come 1 pm and the dark clouds appear, bringing with it thunderstorms starting with a heavy downpour then easing into a steady drizzle late in the afternoon. The steady rumbling in the skies becomes part of your office ambient sound between occasional flashes of lightning and bursts of thunder. Continue reading “the rains have arrived”

catching up

How does one get back to an old habit?

It’s been a half a month now and the May calendar remains blank. While I have been keeping a journal offline, I can’t seem to…  I was just too lazy to sit down and update the blog. I question why I even bother to maintain one. I get phases like this every year; in some years, more frequent and in some, the doubt more intense. Continue reading “catching up”

Solo Margherita pizza (PhP 80) from the new branch of Cafe Antonio at SEARCA in the UPLB campus. Must pay a visit to the the cafe one of these days. A colleague brought solo pizzas – Margherita and pepperoni  this afternoon 😀 Such a great incentive for completing the comments on student submissions from 8am today. I did manage to complete the task 30 minutes ahead of schedule but the pizza was gone long before that.
17974424_10212059231971998_1715397785_n (2)
Developed this renewed appreciation for hot chocolate (– even before watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix.) I forgot how soothing a hot cup of drink could be.  Spent the entire weekend figuring out the best mix of cocoa powder, milk, and sweetener. Or may be that’s just my excuse for finding other ways I could make use of the milk frother I just got from Lazada 😀

in a slump

I’ve been neglecting this blog, among other tasks, for quite some time now and the guilt’s been building steadily.

It feels like I’m losing control over my hours or perhaps I’ve become lax at managing my days. It does feel like I’ve been wasting a lot of hours by just letting it pass by. How I wish I could call it resting. At least I’d feel recharged if that were the case. Continue reading “in a slump”