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This is what I have been working on before during the Christmas break 🙂

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10.09km // 11’13”

This is the first logged jog session with Huawei’s health app. It was only during the Christmas break that I discovered this feature. I thought I could test it out so for this session, I used Huawei’s health app, Fitbit blaze log, and Nike Run Club.

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Bed companions – a fitness roll and heat pack for the constant shoulder pain. At age 32, my bed routine involves spending about 20 minutes with the heat pack under my right shoulder-upper right back area and then securing the fitness roll in the same section after. I finally accepted that this shoulder pain I’ve been experiencing isn’t something I can endure until it passes. It do not think the pain will pass.
It’s with the acceptance that this shoulder pain will remain with me that I finally decided to do something to help ease the pain – and hopefully, help me sleep better.