…and we’re back to doodling

IMG_0074.JPGWe had the first faculty meeting for the semester. Meetings provide the best opportunity to complete a doodle in one sitting. Continue reading “…and we’re back to doodling”


_RQ2 5

Been to a lot of meetings lately so we’re back with the swirls. I do pay attention during meetings. I just happen to enjoy the swirls in between notes, which is why I make it a point to sit at the the back of the room. That way, the swirling would go unnoticed. Last Friday’s  meeting  doodle made my head throb. Not the best state when  one’s trying (cramming really) to meet the deadlines.

Reworked the meeting swirls into something relaxed (?).



There’s been talk about using glasses at the office. Considering that we’re at the busiest part of the semester – for students and teachers – I’m not sure if the cloudy filter in my eyesight with the unwanted (and uncontrolled) zooming in and out of my vision is just caused by stress or if I should go have my eyes checked.

Dreading the thought of having to wear glasses 😐 I have just spent the past two weeks making fun of the eldest sister who finally succumbed to wearing glasses after putting it of for years because it made her feel old!)