9.48km // 10’24”


Finally managed a jog after almost a month. Had a lot of excuses. Now I’m working on hopefully logging more runs this month. Continue reading “9.48km // 10’24””


7.77km // 11’05”

Opted to use data from Fitbit as I’m having problems with the Nike Run Club (NRC) phone app 😐

The jogging path was slippery from the rains earlier this afternoon. That and avoiding puddles and cracks on the sidewalks and roads –these would require some serious focus. I wish I could use that as an excuse for my leisurely pretense for a jog. Continue reading “7.77km // 11’05””

9.23km// 10’54”

16295767_10211264073053522_477330483_n-1That was nearly two hours of not worrying about setting this year’s goals. It’s 21 days into the year and I haven’t really taken the time to sit down and think about what I want to focus on this year.

There’s that nagging voice inside my head that I should have done that –but I haven’t and I’m not about to spend my time wallowing in negativity.

8km // 10’38”

15878876_10211062092644138_169469837_n-1Spending the first Monday of 2017 in an attempt to burn some the long break’s indulgence.

Thanks to rainy weather, there was only a handful of joggers in the field. I have prepared for this weather with a couple of waterproof windbreakers 🙂

The road and sidewalk can be quite tricky in this weather. Navigating through the cement cracks and mossy slippery areas would require all one’s focus.

At least there was no thunder and lightning to worry about 😀 Continue reading “8km // 10’38””