The photograph I took for our research project in Banaue got published in an international academic publication. Giddy, giddy, giddy.

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red it is


Facilitated a two-day training in Lipa City. After a little more than an hour of jeepney commute from Batangas to Calamba, I finally found that moment of stillness and let the thought sink in. I’ve completed the training and survived the past three days.

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It’s a go!

Got the call. It’s confirmed. We’re set for a release of a new product hopefully this Friday. I’m so excited!

The contact from the printing press has been silent for a week, uncertain whether they could pull off the job specifications. A few seconds ago, they confirmed that they can do it – and that they deliver (hopefully on Friday) before the start of classes.

This evening, I faced two of my toughest product critics – the nieces, a college freshman and a junior. Their reaction to the notebooks samples (doubling as late Christmas gifts -I’m that cheap) would be reflective of how my the my most immediate market  – college students – would react to the product. They look quite pleased with their denim notebooks over dinner. I’m just not sure if it’s because the notebooks were really nice – or if it’s because it was free 😐 I did earn two endorsers 😀

Stocked up on the raw materials I’d be using for the first set of items for sale. I need to complete the 2015 planners on or before the middle January. Found myself dragging heavy chipboards along Lopez Avenue at noon to get to the jeepney stop. Thankfully, the passengers helped me load and unload the thing. I may painted such a sorry scene on my way back to work that the college driver offered to carry the boards up the next floor to the office. Gave him a notebook as thanks 🙂

I’m going to set up camp at the mother’s place these weekend and use her printer – and to save on meals 😀

So far, I’ve been receiving the help I need and I am thankful. There was one depressing moment when I found out that the printers were acting up but I eventually managed to make it work. I have no clue what I did that made them finally print.

You get the help that you  need whether you ask for it or not. There are just too many people who want to see you do what you want. This isn’t something you would notice during moments of wallowing in negativity – which is most of the time. This realization slips in a few bit of seconds when you wonder how you managed to get that much done in between focusing on completing a task and thinking about the next thing to deal with.

So with all the preparations for producing the first batch of for sale stocks, I thought it’d be nice to have something to call this chipboard-lugging, sleep-depriving, account-draining, and anxiety-building thing I’ve been consumed with.

I’m looking forward to welcoming everyone to The Bindery when it “opens” next week 😀

Indulging your jotter fix


I thought that I’d be relieved after sharing the notebooks and planners. I’m actually scared (happy-scared?) that people are interested in buying them. I realized that I have underestimated the time it would take to generate interest. This a good thing! I keep telling myself that.

But what if these products just looked good in the photos? What if the buyers become disappointed in the product? What if the feel like they didn’t get their money’s worth? What if it didn’t meet their expectations?

Darn this negativity.

I have no doubt about getting the stock ready for next week. I’m scared about what the people would think when they get the notebooks. I don’t care about how numb my arms would be or how these hands wouldn’t quit shaking after the work hours for these notebooks. I’m anxious to know whether the buyers would feel good about their purchases.

I’m scared. Then I start making the computations on the additional raw materials to be purchased tomorrow and somehow, I can breathe easier.

This is really happening! Then again, I can just be overreacting.

I go for the overreacting option 😐

On a more relaxing note, I managed to take Mako for a run 😀 So far, I haven’t missed a day for his daily walk/run exercise. That means I have also been consistently spending at least 15 minutes of daily exercise accompanying the pup. I even managed a run yesterday. It turned out that last night marked the third year I’ve been jogging 😀