a night of fridge finds

Attempt 1: Ground beef and cheesy garlic tomato sauce in puff pastry

I love savory pastry. I could eat it everyday but the cost, variety, and access to places offering savory pastry prevents me from doing just that.

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and the work day for 2018 starts

It’s official. It’s really 2018. It’s sinking in slowly.

I am so relieved to have survived 2017. Well, it wasn’t really that bad. It just wasn’t one of my best years I guess. (Or maybe, my stroke has made me more forgetful. I’ll have to review my journal entries for 2017.)

Today’s the first work day for 2018. Spent the morning cleaning the office. I seem to have left last year in a hurry. That wasn’t difficult to figure out given the state of my corner.
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final day of rest

This would be today’s achievement.

Finished watching Black Mirror’s Season 4.

It took a long while to realize that it only had six episode. There I was wondering if the net connection at the apartment was that slow that Netflix is having difficulty in casting the next episode. Nope, I’ve already completed the sixth and last episode.

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a try at paint by numbers

Spent the first day of the working on the eldest sister’s gift.

The paint by numbers kit proved to be a very relaxing way to pass the time – and a good source of that false sense of productiveness. It reminded me of Mako and in a way, it’s nice to have a reminder of him in the apartment. This is definitely one of the few bright colored objects at home.

This is a first for me. I haven’t really considered paint by number kits before but I guess 2018 is the time to try more things out and expand that common field of experience with the sisters.

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stocking up for the holidays

Thanks to the coffee hub along Grove, I’m all prepared for this two-week break. Coffee is the only thing I could taste aside from anything spicy and hot. For nearly two weeks now, I only have hot, spicy, and coffee as taste options. Everything else tastes like paper. Add muscle pain, sore throat, and weakness in general to mix and that’s me looking forward to the holidays. Just great.

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