IMG_1572 copyThe Flipped scene with Chet and Bryce remain to be one of the all-time favorites. I remember repeatedly rewinding back to the scene –and I just had to look up the word iridescent 😀


Saw this copy yesterday. It’s the weekend after I submitted the first draft of the research manuscript. I thought it would be a nice treat. Read the book in a sitting. It was a few hours back to childhood –of giddiness, irritation, and amusement.

pizza friday

Curled up with a copy of The Nanny Diaries and pizza on an early Friday night. Was supposed to have dinner with the sisters. Had conflicting schedules though.We agreed that we’d raid the mother’s supplies tomorrow.

I’ve had this craving for grilled pizza since start of the week. I should be watching my expenses but what the heck, it’s good pizza 😀

Dropped by Booksale Los Baños to get new reads. I realized I had ran out of books to read when I found no excuse to avoid working on my thesis during the weekend. I ended up sleeping instead, which was okay. I hope. At least, I’d have no excuse of not having enough rest for next week when I’d really need to work overtime. Got previously owned copies of a paperback The Bestseller (P66) by Olivia Goldsmith and a hardcover The Nanny Diaries (P35) by Emma Mclaughlin and Nicola Krauss.

Finished The Nanny Diaries in a sitting. Started on The Bestseller when I remembered I had to report to the mother’s place to man the house as she got some salon pampering in preparation for her boyfriends arrival.

two more

It’s like there’s this fear of running out of books to read.

I  got two more books over the weekend for P99. One of these days (sometime soon!) I’d have to dispose of the books that’s been piling. Or I could save up for a bookshelf. A big one.

I was just waiting for the next screening of Hotel Transylvania. 

Friday finds

Dinner with the eldest sister and the nieces was accompanied by good humored banter. Always a pleasure to see a healthy dose of wit and sarcasm in the nieces.

The dinner companions dropped by the newly opened supermarket and I made a stop at the bookstore to get new stock for the evening read.

Three books for P150. Not bad. I hope they last the weekend.