the “trim”

I went to the salon tonight to de-stress and have my hair trimmed. I realized it’s been quite a while since my last visit. My indicator? I could not remember when I had my last haircut. I already like cut then, but it seriously needed trimming – at least, I’d like to believe so.

I asked the hair stylist for a trim and then immersed myself in the entertainment magazine. A few minutes later and I found my supposedly “trimmed” hair fashioning an entirely different cut. It was definitely shorter than a “trim”. What I understand is that when one says “trim”, one maintains the previous do while cutting a few inches of hair. Same cut, shorter length.

My surprised expression may have gotten the attention of the stylist and he asked, “Nilagyan ko ng layers para hindi mag-fly away. Okay lang?” Who said I hated the “fly away” effect? His adding “layers” to the cut made it shorter than I would have hoped for. But really, what bothers me is that I wasn’t even consulted before he decided to go on with the layering. It just happens t be my hair. Had I answered, “No, it’s not okay”, could he have done anything about undoing the “layers”? Make the hair grow back in that instant?

The cut is okay. I’m not crazy about it. But I want to make the decisions or at least want to be consulted on what will happen to it. It is my hair after all. I know the stylist has years of experience and is skilled. But all I wanted was a “trim”.


the 100-peso challenge

Lately, I’ve been lax on finances, thinking that I should enjoy what I earn and all those usual excuses. 2009 was a year for purchases. I want 2010 to be a year for savings and smart spending. Good thing I am surrounded by people who constantly inspire and educate me on matters of finance.

The 100-peso challenge is an idea conceptualized about three hours ago. We were trying to figure out different ways of saving money – realistically cutting down expenses. So for each day of the week, I’ll have 100 Php to spend for food and basic supplies – and survive the year. That’s 700 Php a week. Just how feasible is the 100-peso challenge? We’ll see 🙂


That was quite a lot for one night. Perhaps, it’s the fever or perhaps it’s me watching a complete season of CSI: New York and then movies in one seating.

It will definitely take a while before I complain about not having dreams.

I remember complaining earlier this month to Kuya Sherwin how I don’t remember my dreams. Well, last night, I definitely got what I wanted. Remembered them, I did.

I spent the weekend watching movies and CSI New York and somehow, the action scenes were extended in my dreams. It felt like my head was going to explode. I can’t remember why I was so worried, scared, or anxious, I just felt that way. I woke up in the middle of the night, my throat sore. After taking comfort from the coolness of the fridge, I went back to sleep. This time, the dreams were relatively lighter. I dreamt that I was in a consultation with Dr. Cla, a medical doctor :), who had a purple “something” in her office table. My parents were adopting an adult and then I was troubled on how to give someone his Christmas gift because I could not get any wrapper for my gift.

That was quite a lot for one night. Perhaps, it’s the fever or perhaps it’s me watching a complete season of CSI: New York and then movies in one seating. The last time I experienced this was during elementary when I first played Dino Crisis in the then newly introduced play station at my cousin’s. Those raptors haunted me.

It will definitely take a while before I complain about not having dreams.

last 40 minutes

Forty minutes before one in the morning. After five orders of coffee-based drinks, it’s no wonder why sleep still won’t come to me. Two mocha frajellis, one blended brewed coffee, and a free cup of barako – I really need to jog tomorrow! REALLY! But at least I got my free tumbler :). That means I’ve consumed about 20 coffee-based drinks in the past two (or is it three?) months.

Thirty minutes. I just remembered the chat I had with my high school English teacher. She’s getting married – and I am very happy for her. Looking forward to attending her June wedding 🙂 – even if that means traveling for almost one day to the venue. Miss Anne is one of the few people I am really close to.

I’m hoping to practice writing more. I fear that day when I’d be struggling in expressing my thoughts into words. I’ve been writing less and less. I need to practice. I need to work on completing the 10,000 hours needed to master a particular skill as what Gladwell wrote.

Twenty-five minutes. Two paragraphs in five minutes? That’s a bit slow – scratch that – really slow. That’s something I need to work on – REALLY need to work on. Write, write, and write.

Twenty minutes. I’m starting to run out of things to write about. Oh, I just remembered that pair of cream-colored corduroy Converse rubber shoes that I saw last week. I found it pricey but I cannot stop thinking about it. I’ll be obsessing about the shoe for a few more days and eventually (hopefully) I’ll forget about it. There’s just something about white or light-colored rubber shoes. I don’t know what it is. I just like it – want to buy it – will buy it – if I just had the money to spare. It’s very seldom that I get to see a shoe that I like.

Fifteen minutes. Just remember the morning I had. I was almost late for my 7am lecture class. My reason? It was just one of those days when you can’t seem to have anything decent (?) to wear? That’s when you start pitying your closet – meaning, yourself – for not being able to buy things worth wearing? Nothing seems to at least okay. After almost trying everything and settling on a pair, you change yourself last-minute and grabbed the first thing you can from the pile of clothes, avoided the mirror and went to work with a the-hell-I-care attitude. An hour at work and you realize, you do care and you feel awful for not being properly dressed for work. When have rubber shoes been proper for work?

Ten minutes. I may need to stop here and start for home. This is one day I am grateful for.

Cafe Antonio – Los Baños

People search for that one place that one can escape to. In movies, it seems very easy to find. Just look for a coffee shop and you have that one place. In Los Baños, coffee shops sprang in the past year. One label can have up to three shops. Business must really be good. With the existing competition, businesses come up with different strategies ranging from 24-hour operations, shop expansion, to providing Internet connection.

Among all the Los Baños coffee shops, there’s this particular shop that changed the reason I go to these types of shops.

I usually visited coffee shops for the obvious reason – caffeine. Coffee was a necessity especially whenever I was in between exams struggling to stay awake and cram concepts into my almost (if not already) numb brain. I was not a frequent visitor in these types of shops then. Coffee was quite pricey for a student (for me, at least). They were reserved for special days – exams, presentations, field trips, and the likes.

This past year, I found myself going to this shop for quality coffee – among others. Cafe Antonio Los Baños offers great coffee – and even better company. This is one place where you’ll never feel out-of-place even if you come alone (Yeah, we all have an idea of that feeling – having coffee alone?). The baristas will draw you out of your lone state.

What endears me to this place is that I do not feel like a customer – more like a pal, friend, buddy, tropa, or whatever you may want to call it warmly welcomed for a visit. Its customers may have had different reasons for their initial visit – group meetings, business meetings, a place to pass time, et cetera. They, however, became regulars because of the sense of belongingness, informal coffee 101 lessons, and of course, – quality coffee that Cafe Antonio offers. Where else can you experience Barako Nights, a round of Kapeng Barako on the house?

Plus, one gets to meet people with whom they have something in common with – the appreciation for comfort, coffee, and good company.

Cafe Antonio Los Baños is the place to go to for great coffee – and even better company.

(Just in case you were wondering, I was not paid to write this 🙂 There’s no need to.)

at last

After a long while, I get to say “This has been one productive day” – and believe it.

I still have that work backlog of course. Today, I was able to complete a significant number of tasks. It’s not everyday that I get to tell myself that. I’m tired but happy about how this day turned out.

Earlier today, I felt helpless. It seemed like there’s a lot of things I need to do. Thinking about it, I do have things to do. I’m struggling to shift my focus on the number of things I need to do to actually doing things. I usually spend a lot of time worrying about not being able to meet deadlines – all a waste of time.

So instead of spending time worrying, I try to remind myself to actually do the things I worry about. And it never fails to surprise me how these tasks aren’t really as difficult as I thought they would be.

working at home

Left the office yesterday with some papers to check. I ended up bringing them back to the office – untouched.

I’ve promised myself  not to bring work to the apartment in the past semesters but I never seem to learn. There’s that constant thought that maybe – just maybe – I’ll be able to do “some” work on a weekend or overnight.