morning jog

(Entry for January 18, 2010)

Got up at one in the morning to check some papers. I felt guilty for sleeping a LOT. It felt like I could not sleep any more. Check the exams until 4am and went out for a jog.

Chilly mornings –  the best time jog. The town is still asleep, meaning, there’s less people out :). Only the street sweepers and the occasional jeepneys passing by. One will also notice few students returning to their dorm from a night spent someplace else.

I had to be more careful though. The concrete was slippery from the rain. The best thing about jogging early in the morning is that very few jeepneys and vehicles pass by the road from Baker Hall to the student dorms. That’s the best part of the “track”.

I was even earlier than the first early bus :). I just hope I could make a habit out of this. We’ll see.



(Entry for January 17, 2010)

It’s January and we’re enjoying the cold weather in Los Baños. This is when I love this town the most. This is the Los Baños I knew from childhood.

We used to visit my sister who stayed in the University dormitory. I recall my aunt making sure that I pack my jacket because it was cold in Los Baños. Perhaps, at that time it was. I have nothing against sunny days but I like cold and gloomy better.

Longer nights, shorter days. Cold evenings make snuggling in bed more tempting than ever. I could  sleep forever. I almost did. It was a test of will to peel myself away from the sheets for my 11 am Saturday class. I kept resetting the alarm. I can do that in my sleep.

After class and hurriedly attending to some tasks, I slept and woke up half a day later. 🙂

initial reactions

(Entry for January 16, 2010)

There are those moments when you find yourself wondering what the appropriate reaction would be. One knows that an event or an act made one feel uncomfortable – unpleasant. You just can’t figure out how to react. Or perhaps, you wonder if it would be an appropriate reaction. Am I being too defensive? Am I overreacting? Sometimes, you just don’t bother to think at all.

It is better to take one’s time. Think things out. Let emotions calm. Be objective.

Initial reactions are best kept to oneself. These are usually unthought of reactions – irrational and immature. Later, one will find oneself embarrassed with such a reaction.

Initial reactions are dramatic, emotional – such a release. But it doesn’t really help much.

#1. [At least] An hour a day for writing

It’s been quite a while since my last post and yes, I’d be using my work as a cliche of an excuse.

Now, I wonder what I have been doing that I was not able to post regularly. It’s very early to resort to using work log as an excuse and it’s something I need to work on this year. To exclude “work” in my list of excuses for not being able to pursue my other interests.

Allot at least one hour a day to post a new entry. That would be my first pledge for a better me in 2010.

There’s always something to write about.


If I could, I’d have a stack of customized stamps I could use for student outputs. It would definitely save me a lot of time.

I remember our History professor using Power Puff Girls stamps in our exams. If we had stamp marks in our bluebooks, it meant we did good in the exam. This was during college.

Here’s a set of grade stamps I’d want to use hopefully this semester.

avoiding work

Reading about a book illustrator in a novel got me in the mood for sketching. Five hours later, I came up with the following outputs.

Study 1. My sister has been requesting for a female sketch in sepia or charcoal. I hope I get to finalize a study and finish the larger actual piece during the first quarter of 2010.

Been drawing a lot of pears lately. There’s just something about the fruit’s shape that makes it a soothing subject (for me at least). Perhaps, I’ll try apples next time.

This one – I have no idea what it is.

This is me avoiding work 🙂


I may just be less of an antisocial than I originally thought. This, I found after being cooped in my apartment for about four days. My cream-colored walls did nothing to ease my boredom. It felt like being in an asylum – or at least what I think would be an asylum. I wouldn’t know. I lack firsthand experience on that aspect.

So I decided to go out to buy supplies, meaning food, and get a few books in the second-hand book shop. I felt relieved just seeing other people. I did not have to know them. Their existence gave me some comfort. It was nice to transact with other people. Something I’d usually take for granted.

It felt good to be out of the apartment. Scratch that. It was great. I thought I could survive a week without going out. Did not happen. Even with Internet connection, I still needed to go out. Downloading ebooks did take a lot of my  focus. Not enough, I guess. Perhaps it’s because I’ve run out of books to read and re-read and movies to watch. Or maybe I just needed to see other people and be somewhere aside from my cream-walled space.

I did not mind the heat mid day heat or the dust at the book shop. They were re-arranging their merchandise. Satisfied with my book purchases, I went to the grocer to get the supplies that I needed. There, for the first time I noticed that they sold greens. I never noticed that before. Another pleasant surprise was discovering that a nearby store sold tube ice  :). Petty, I know. But it really made me happy. Ice. How simple can that be. It’s more expensive than the rates in other stores but hey, it would save me time and it’s definitely more convenient.

Satisfied was what I was when I got home. A bottle of beer enjoyed while cooking lunch. This day feels more like summer than Yuletide. Lazy, lulling, peaceful – why can’t every day be like this one?

Yeah, I know – reality.