Day 8/30: Avoiding fast food chain products

The day starts in the afternoon.

Spent most of the afternoon considering going to the next town just to get Elbi and experience the big screen once more. I opted not to. I did went out late to get some cold drinks from the convenience store.

No contact with fastfood chain products today. Had cold pizza for breakfast/lunch and a wheat bread sandwich for dinner. I’m confident I’d be fastfood-free today. I’m at home and I don’t have the money for takeout or delivery. Convenient.

Thanks to my office mate for the new set of movies and TV series.

My head’s heavy from all the sleep. My body clock’s all messed up. I’m awake until about four in the morning – despite all the sheep counting, ceiling staring, and book reading. The body gives in when the church bells rings accompany the  now brighter blue color of the curtains.


Day 7/30: Avoiding fast food chain products

A week down. Still, a beef sandwich and avocado shake for lunch (that’s a surprise). For dinner, had some pizza.

Food makes one happy. I was all giddy carrying that 15 square-inch box of happiness on the way home. And nope, I wish I could but, I didn’t (couldn’t) finish the entire contents of the box. Left some enough to last breakfast and lunch for the next day.

Thanks to the office mate for a new set of movies and TV series viewing marathons. I’ll deal with the guilt on Sunday. Must jog – or walk.

Day 6/30: Avoiding fast food chain products

Payday. Usually, I’d go to KFC and get myself a supreme bowl and Krushers. Not today. Not for the next 24 days.

It wasn’t too bad. The usual fruit stand was still setting up so I tried the buco shake stand. It’s a bit pricey for that (more like juice) shake that you get. A shake and a beef sandwich. For dinner, got a quarter pounder (seriously doubting the quarter pound part) for take out. Well, for the price, it was worth it. But the name could have been adjusted?

It was nice leaving the office before the bell rang. Spent some idle time to get some coffee. I needed to be in that corner again. I spent enough time to do some doodling. Water from the bottom of frappé glass kept dripping to the sketches. Somehow, it didn’t look that bad.

The paper of this journal I’m keeping isn’t really absorbent so the ink usually smears. It’s very prone to ink blots, which I used to think of as a bad thing. Not really, it’s an opportunity to do some shading.



I just realized, I only managed to keep my 100-peso challenge for 22 days 😀 Perhaps, I can try that one again sometime in the future for the 30-day challenge.

Other possible 30-day challenges can include:

  1. complete/write/ submit your research proposal
  2. finish research 1 (before the project reaches its third year)
  3. finish your task in research 2
  4. complete a novel (It doesn’t have to make sense – all those 50,000 to 80,000 words)
  5. fish as the only meat to be included in the diet (I don’t really like fish)
  6. give up that rubber shoes (Good luck with this one)
  7. no black tops/shirts (Now you’re being cruel)
  8. daily photo (Do allow Dee to capture scenes/people aside that’s not workshop related. Please?)
  9. daily realizations/lessons/questions (Put that sarcasm and people watching tendency to better use)
  10.  list – no work/family tasks or backlogs or appointments to be included. Minimum of ten entries per list. Of course, a brief discussion for the entries would be needed. (This post can already a sample entry.)
Nah, I won’t be able to do all that. Some of them maybe. We’ll see.

Day 5/30: Avoiding fast food chain products

Had exactly the same meal for lunch as yesterday and consumed it in the same lazy manner. I will not eat chicken for lunch tomorrow. Still managed to avoid fast food for dinner.

I was able to walk (and jog a little) today. Thank goodness.

There’s just something about this part of the semester. Hunger seems to be a constant companion – and then there’s that urge to sleep after every meal. We need to make two batches of coffee for the entire day to keep us awake in the office. Usually, we can’t even finish drinking a batch.

And Manong dropping by, with his chocolate chip cookies and chocolate coated marshmallows, is not helping at all. Why do these have to be such good pairs with coffee? Now, I’ve got another pack of chocolate chip cookies.


At last, the neighbors have ended their love songs session. It’s been on for quite some time. Hours. For a compound like ours, the appreciation of music can be done during day time – when most people don’t sleep. Perhaps lowering the volume would be more polite – or better, get yourselves some ear/headphones.

It was helpful though. At least I managed to complete this entry – plus I’ve got material (something to complain about). So, thank you (and I’m not being sarcastic here).