nothing like cake (and Irish cream) to make everything better

I may have went a little overboard with the groceries earlier. See, I’m really having fun with the oven and I thought I should test its baking capacity so I got flour, baking powder, and some cake mix. I also thought it would be nice to see if the oven can cook one dish meals – be it rice and meat or pasta and meat. So I got a couple more items to test that. And a small pack of pizza crust and… I think you get the trend.  Continue reading “nothing like cake (and Irish cream) to make everything better”


There’s still some muscle pain in the left arm but that’s just a minor discomfort.

Managed to deal with the work  backlog this time, stiff arm and all. It’s a small progress but it’s progress nonetheless. I’ll take that considering that this day was just such a test for patience. Continue reading “meh”

pneumococcal vaccine – done!

It’s finally on stock! Got the confirmation from the clinic yesterday 😀

It’s been a long wait. It took around three months before the pneumococcal vaccine became available at the cardio’s clinic at the Philippine Heart Center. The two years effectivity of my fist pneumococcal vaccine – administered back in 2015 at the San Lazaro Hospital before the heart operation – lapsed a few months ago. I am so relieved to have this one crossed out of my health to-do. The pneumococcal vaccine costs PhP 3,000 inclusive of the doctor’s consultation fee.

The flu shot is scheduled next week at the University hospital. Continue reading “pneumococcal vaccine – done!”

the new mitral valve marks its second year

IMG_0038This was the unconcious me two years ago at Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) of the Philippine Heart Center in Quezon City. I was still enjoying that deep sleep post open heart surgery.

The third sister took this photo. She was camped outside the SICU with all our things since 6am that morning, when I was taken in to the operating room.  Continue reading “the new mitral valve marks its second year”