Baked potatoes, poached egg, pesto, and tomatoes for dinner. It tasted better than it looked 😐

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Buckwheat noodles in pesto. It was past 9 pm when I finally sat down to this for a Friday night dinner –and the start of a House of Cards marathon that I believe will keep me occupied for the entire weekend.

When you start feeling that you have money to spare, you only need to go for a grocery run to realize how delusional you were.

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that first uber ride

Had an early start this morning for the commute to El Cielito Hotel in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna to facilitate a session in a training-workshop. Now, commuting is not one of my strengths so I had to ask around for directions. I did end up calling the hotel and ask for directions from Calamba to the hotel.

The journey back home was faster and way more comfortable –and yes, relatively pricey but given the steady downpour, distance, and comfort/convenience; it was all worth it for me.

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7.77km // 11’05”

Opted to use data from Fitbit as I’m having problems with the Nike Run Club (NRC) phone app 😐

The jogging path was slippery from the rains earlier this afternoon. That and avoiding puddles and cracks on the sidewalks and roads –these would require some serious focus. I wish I could use that as an excuse for my leisurely pretense for a jog. Continue reading “7.77km // 11’05””

Sunday sandwiches

The end of next week will mark my first month of preparing my meals from the vegetable delivery.

Today’s meals would mostly be tuna sandwiches and coffee. I prepared a small batch of tuna spread this morning. That should be enough to cover dinner later.

Raisin wheat bread with the last can of tuna in brine, lettuce from last week’s batch of vegetable orders, and cheese from somewhere at the back of the fridge.

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