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Developed this renewed appreciation for hot chocolate (ā€“ even beforeĀ watchingĀ 13 Reasons WhyĀ on Netflix.) I forgot how soothing a hot cup of drink could be.Ā  Spent the entire weekend figuring out the best mix of cocoa powder, milk, and sweetener.Ā Or may be that’s just my excuse for finding other ways I could make use of the milk frother I just got from Lazada šŸ˜€

in a slump

I’ve been neglecting this blog, among other tasks, for quite some time now and the guilt’s been building steadily.

It feels like I’m losing control over my hours or perhaps I’ve become lax at managing my days. It does feel like I’ve been wasting a lot of hours by just letting it pass by. How I wish I could call itĀ resting. At least I’d feel recharged if that were the case. Continue reading “in a slump”

6.53km // 11’31”

17742276_10211897526409460_1614057775_nIt was one productive day at work. Managed to complete the tasks I set out to do for the day.

I was feeling accomplished when I left the office earlier. This motivated me to go out for aĀ jogĀ to feel even better about today.

And even though I ended up brisk walking for most of the time, it was still a good way to end the day ā€“not to mention, ensure a good night’s sleep.

7.90 // 10’41”

17757988_10211897525329433_1877905523_n.jpgIt was oneĀ hot Sunday and I had to keep drinking hot turmeric tea for the sore throat. I couldn’t drink the usual ice cold water because of the sore throat.

I realized lateĀ this afternoon that the sore throat wasn’t really affecting my breathing so I should have no problem with the jog.

My January sore throat involved clogged nose so IĀ had difficulty breathing evenly during the jog. I barely logged runs in January-February because of the sore throat and clogged nose.

I needed to make up for all those missed runs ā€“ and more importantly, avoid getting sore throat again šŸ˜



2 weeks, 32 pages

17758070_10211897671093077_1896022865_nThe client sent us a copy of the magazine we developed for them. There’s always that sense of fulfillment that one gets when one gets the actual copy of that publication you’ve been working on for some time.

It took two weeks and several (and I do mean several) revisions of the articles and layout before it was approved for publication.

This was one of the shortest work time we have accepted Ā forĀ publicationĀ development ā€“ from concept development, article writing and editing, and layout.