Sociable, pretty, life of the party – NOT me. I’m the quiet one in the room corner nearest to the window. I can survive a day without talking but it would be torture if you deny me of a pen and paper. I am not good at conversations (an understatement). I do better at writing compared with conversing.

I am obsessed with achieving all the tasks that I  have listed down and cherish those moments when I get to cross out the last task at the end of the day, which happens very seldom. Any uncrossed or unchecked task stresses me. It gives me the feeling of being unproductive. That sucks.

RBVillar is an introvert able to survive a day without human contact. She, however, cannot survive a day without reading or writing anything (Of course, not all of it makes sense – or even worth reading).


This blog is an attempt to organize everything she may have written for the sole purpose of amusing her future self.


2 thoughts on “about”

    1. Making the lists – effortless.
      It’s the “crossing things out” part that’s challenging (and to a point, frustrating).

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