Destination: Lucena City

Passport application. Where to go?  Manila or Lucena? I chose the latter. Anything but Manila. (I’m not really fond of going to Metro Manila.)


Woke up at three am hoping to leave for Calamba at 4am.

Los Baños to Calamba (Calamba Crossing) – 20 Php

Calamba Central Terminal to Turbina – 10 Php

Turbina to Lucena (Arias) – 88Php (ordinary bus)

Arias to Metro Pacific Mall-Lucena (Bayan) – 9Php

The bus left Turbina at 5 am and I arrived at Metro Pacific at 8:30.

When you arrive at the Pacific Mall, the main entrance is  – as expected, closed. Mall hours start at 10am. You will be instructed to use the back entrance of the mall used by the employees. You will find a group pf people waiting at the back entrance, do NOT wait with them. Ask the guard where the line for DFA is and he’ll tell you to have your things checked and then proceed to the 3rd floor.

Don’t expect the  comfort room flush to work when you arrive. Remember, technically, the mall is still closed. You’ll find a LOT of people in front of the DFA office.

1. Ask the guard for a copy of the Passport Application Form (no need to download from the website). The forms that the guard distribute have numbers at the upper right corner. That will be your number. Accomplish the form and make sure you have all the requirements (check if you have the updated birth certificate from National Statistics Office. During the time this was written, it’s the  yellow and bluish color paper – NOT the orange one.)

2. A few minutes before 8am, the guard starts letting people in. Kudos to the DFA Lucena guards and staff members – polite but firm in implementing order. Upon entering, put your accomplished application form in the tray you’ll find in the window before Window 1. (Or you can just ask for the assistance of the staff.)

3. Take a seat and wait for your number to be displayed. There’s free water by the way.:)

The Passport Application/ Renewal process requires you to undergo three processes/ pass through three windows.

Windows 1,2, and 3 screens and verify the required documents you have presented.

Cashier (Middle window) is the only place where you pay for the processing of your passport. Do try to prepare an exact amount to facilitate faster transactions.

After paying, you wait for your name to be called in Windows 4 and 5 (Encoding). This where you check if the encoded information is correct. Check the spelling and other minor details which may have been omitted or misread (Your handwriting isn’t readable at all times :)).

Once you have passed Window 4 or 5 for encoding, you may opt to have your passport delivered to you via LBC. The fee is 100 Php and the passport will be delivered 24 hours after release of passport. Say your passport will be released at January 7, your passport will be delivered on January 8.

Once you have undergone all these, do remember to thank the guards and the staff for their help.

So you have finished you passport application, how to get back to Elbi?

Take the Arias jeepney (9 Php). Tell the driver to drop you off Arias bus stop. From there, ride a bus going to Alabang, Cubao, etc. These buses will pass Turbina. From Turbina Flying V, ride a jeepney to Crossing Terminal. From the central terminal, get on the UP College jeepney. In the event that you arrived in Calamba very late and the terminal is closed, jeepneys going to Sta. Cruz, San Pablo, and UP College may be found in front of 7-Eleven and Chowking along the highway.

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Destination is my way of filing all information I have gathered on how to go to various locations. I’m tend to forget things – instructions ans locations included. At least I’ll have this to go back to:)

Thanks to Kuya Sherwin’s detailed sketch and instructions 🙂